Non-Directive Consultancy to Support Community-Based Marketing for Your Local Business or Organisation 


I help local business owners and organisation leaders who are overwhelmed by how to consistently find new customers or members. I show them how to use community-based marketing methods both online and in-person to promote their business or cause and create a devoted following who keep coming for more.

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Identify Your Community- Based Marketing Needs

Free Consultancy Session for Local Businesses and Community Organisations

Shop fronts help generate income

Path to Attract Your Audience

Take away a clear strategy and plan customised for your local business or organisation.  This plan will be a step-by-step process you can use to attract and engage members or customers.

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Build your Complete Marketing Strategy

Design and implement a congruent online and in-person marketing presence to attract and engage your customers or members.

Chris Sissons

Chris Sissons

Community Web Consultant

About Chris

My journey as a community development worker started in 1982. I've worked in Tyneside, Teesside and South Yorkshire and specialised in economic renegeration and community planning.  Since 2011, I have been offering my services online, helping local businesses and organisations plan their online and in-person marketing or campaigning.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Chris is a meticulous mentor who helped me define what I wanted from him and from the web site. Just articulating the questions and goals was helpful. Even more, it helped motivate me to actually get on and do it in my busy schedule. Chris’s style is unflappable, approachable, analytical, non-judgemental, clear – and clear about what he doesn’t know but can find out. It’s a co-learning exercise as Chris himself improves on his already well-developed skills and I learn to use the website. I recommend Chris to anyone in the creative or voluntary sectors.

David Mowat, Bristol European Jazz Ensemble
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Chris’ great gift in helping us work out how the website could work for our campaign most effectively was to ask the really searching questions about what we wanted to get out of it. He questioned us persistently and skilfully until we had really sorted out in our own minds what we wanted and was then able to suggest ways in which we might do this most effectively.

​He used the technical questions of website design to make us think about the fundamental questions. He was also good at asking questions from “outside the box”. In one instance this led to a radical and extremely fruitful alteration to the way in which we organised the campaign.

​We valued Chris’ careful and thoughtful approach; the way he listened carefully to what we wanted; the way in which he pressed us to make ourselves clear about what we wanted. We were grateful for his help which enabled us to develop the website much more quickly and effectively than would otherwise have been possible.

Revd Michael Bayley, Hope for the Future