Site Promotion

What Makes Content Compelling? This post introduces the idea that good content is good for search engine optimisation (seo). It then questions whether search engine optimisation (seo) is always the best approach to site promotion. There are at least 5 other ways of promoting your site and the next 4 posts cover them in more detail.

  1. Promoting Your Website Locally suggests six approaches to promoting a local organisation’s website offline.
  2. Find Out What Your Followers Want looks at collecting feedback both online and off. If you can do this and your website responds to people’s ideas then it is likely your content will be more attractive to your customers or followers.
  3. Manage Your Email List covers the practicalities of moving to an email service and the advantages of doing so.
  4. Your Relationship with Your Subscribers is obviously crucial. This post suggests a few ideas to consider as your list grows.