Needs Assessment

Needs assessment helps organisations work out what they need from their websites. An organisation’s needs are not necessarily the same as what its members want. So, delivering an assessment requires more than knowledge about how to set up websites.

Why Do Needs Assessments?    This post explains why it is helpful to do a needs assessment. You may need one if you think you know what you need for your website!

A Look Inside a Needs Assessment Questionnaire            This post reviews my current approach to needs assessment.  It explains the nine sections in the questionnaire I use.

Delivery of Needs Assessments                This post describes some difficulties I’ve encountered, using my current needs assessment and suggests some options to explore in the future.

The Circuit Questionnaire

I wrote these three posts before I introduced the Circuit Questionnaire and so there are only three posts.  I include them because they make the point that it is important to carry out this type of assessment before you start to build your online presence.

I’ve replaced this approach with a better method to be found in the category, Analysis, summarised on the Circuit cornerstone page.  The Circuit Questionnaire assesses not only your online but also your in-person approach to marketing.  There is still a lot of work to be done working out ways to integrate online and in-person marketing.