Websites and social media can help local organisations committed to local financial autonomy reunite community organisations and local businesses. So, the Marketing category examines the nature of the marketplace and looks at the ways in which you can design websites to be effective in marketing your cause, product and/or service.

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Do you know your market, their demographics, their level of awareness of what you’re offering and their habits online?


The Marketing Circuit Questionnaire, developed by Ben Hunt, is an in-depth approach to assessing your marketing strategy and anyone building a website will benefit from its searching questions.  Like an electric circuit, if it is complete, the current will flow and your marketing campaign will work!  (Would that it were so simple!)

These posts are an in-depth commentary on the questionnaire.  It includes my analysis of my business and my adaptations of the questionnaire for marketing causes as well as services or products.


How you structure your site, your branding, each page’s appearance, how people land on your site, the links between pages; all contribute to your site’s success.

What is best practice for the various types of pages found on websites?  I shall compare home, about, contact, landing and other page types.  What content is on them?  How can it be improved?

What are the basics for layout of pages?  What works and what doesn’t?  How to bend your CMS to your will!


With first-rate content, visitors to your site will understand your offer and its benefits.  It encourages visitors to use your service and they might recommend your site to others?


How do we square the various demands on the site?  These may originate from various priorities within an organisation or else from the competing demands of search engine optimisation, good copy, legal issues, accessibility, etc.