Marketing Circuit Questionnaire

This page is devoted to Ben Hunt's Circuit Questionnaire.  It is part of Ultimate Web Design, his Open Source Marketing project.  Follow the link to find more informatuon and  his latest version of the questionnaire by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Over time it is likely our versions will diverge, so contact me if you need more information about this sequence of posts and how they relate to the questionnaire.

I'm annotating the circuit questionnaire for those who share my interest in marketing from the community or voluntary sector.  (This link goes to an introductory post, with more information about the origins of the questionnaire.)  A major difference in this sector, is many people are present online to market a cause and so are not primarily interested in generating income.  Sometimes it is solely a cause and sometimes it is bundled with conventional products and services. 

There will be a lot of information on this page as I develop it.  Anyone is welcome to use it although it is designed to help those who take up my consultancy offer complete the questionnaire.

The Circuit questionnaire is divided into five elements.  I have written overviews for each element and made a start on more detailed posts with the first.  This cornerstone page aims to put the blog posts into a coherant sequence.  Follow the links to the posts that interest you.

Five Elements from the Circuit Questionnaire

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  • You and your brand
  • Your products, services and causes
  • Your proposition
  • the problem
  • your market

All the posts for this element exist and I am adding links to them in this section.  Look in the sidebar under "Analysis" for the remainder of these posts.