This category will be where I respond to questions about maintenance of your web presence. To ask a question, simply leave a comment in one of the posts in this category. There’s no charge for this service but I recommend you sign up to my email list (form in the sidebar) so that you can see when my reply appears and when I publish other relevant posts.

These first few posts look at some principles for maintenance of content management systems (cms). In Content Management System Problems I look at the case for using cms and some of the things that can go wrong. A lot of common problems happen because organisations do not own their own website. In Owning Your Website I make the case for owning your website and discuss the role of the consultant or designer who can still help you set it up.

The Case for Site Maintenance covers modern websites’ new reality; they need to be kept up-to-date. Very few sites remain unchanged over long periods and so you need help to find a site design that minimises the work and ensures the site functions as you need it to, whilst retaining potential for future growth. Site Maintenance Tasks covers essential and desirable routine maintenance. This lists things you need to consider when you plan your site. Essential Site Maintenance covers the things you need to watch out for to catch problems before they become serious.   Content Related Site Maintenance covers issues that don’t threaten the site but help keep the site alive and up-to-date.

Finally I cover an important issue, Restricted Site Access. This relates to the ownership of your site and asks what are the legitimate and illegitimate ways in which owners’ access to the site might be limited. This balances protection of the site with power to change the site as the organisation’s needs change.