My no strings 30 – 60 minute consultancy session ...

... is your opportunity to try non-directive consultancy.

Together we shall work out the outcomes you are seeking for your business or cause. These could be real life and/or online outcomes - it’s up to you! Your outcomes will give you clarity about where you are heading; they are something of value to take away from your session.

We shall discuss how you can meet your outcomes. There are several possibilities:

  1. You can Do It Yourself (DIY) and many people do. If you are an experienced web designer or local activist, you may find our talk sets you off in the right direction and it’s all you need.
  2. We may agree to a consultancy arrangement. Some of my offers are designed to set your feet on the right path (DIY). This is where you need more help than the single free session but once you are clear about your goals you know you will need little or no further help. We can work on your online and offline outcomes, working out how the two work together.
  3. Other offers are for a Done With You (DWY) approach, so that your site is up and running once we have finished. This option is particularly valuable if you are working online as we can work together over a distance. And it is still a valid approach for offline outcomes.
  4. Once you have completed one of the offers under 2 or 3, we can agree to a retainer package if you need further support. These can include assistance with the website, eg basic site maintenance, as well as consultancy sessions.
  5. You may prefer a Done For You (DFY) solution for your online work. You will need to be involved in the planning, content and testing of your site but with DFY you are not involved with pulling it all together. This will save you time although it is likely to be the most expensive option.  No-one knows everything about working online and so we may find I am not the best person to help you with DFY.  If so, I can help you find the right person.

Please note:

  • My offer is unique because I help you integrate your online and offline work. Whilst we may work together developing a website for you, your business or organisation, we may equally find you need to focus on your business or cause offline.
  • There are differences between online and offline work. With online work I can examine your work and participate in its development; a mixture of non-directive and expert consultancy. With offline work, I am likely to be dependent on what you report to me and so the work will be entirely non-directive.
  • No-one knows everything about the Internet or community economic development and for for some activities you can save a lot of time and heartache for a relatively modest financial investment in expert consultancy. It is likely some of your outcomes will require third party expertise. I will alert you to these outcomes as soon as I am aware of them and suggest how you can find the expertise you need. Some of the assistance you need will be modestly priced. The decision will always be yours and we can consider the pros and cons of attempting something new together as an alternative.
  • With all my offers I provide a list of what I include in the package.
  • Please note my fees do not include hosting, domain names, premium products, additional expert assistance or anything else you need to pay for to complete your work.
  • The free consultancy session will, like all my sessions, normally be by a remote link such as Skype, Google hangout or telephone. If you are local I can meet face-to-face but it is not always an advantage if we need to refer to online materials or exchange documents.

By the end of the free session you will have valuable insights into your business or cause to take away and use as you see fit. I will have made you an offer or suggested some other way in which you can meet your outcomes.

This is a genuine no-strings offer and, whilst I hope to find people who will enjoy working with my support, there are many reasons why it won’t always work out that way. It is not in your interests or mine to attempt to work together if it is not right for you or for me. So, there should be no bad feeling if we decide not to work together.

However, if you find the session valuable to you there are other ways you can support me, for example you can:

  • Recommend my free consultancy offer to others
  • Provide me with feedback about the session
  • Join my email list and so keep in touch.

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