In my post Why Blogging is So Important I suggest blogging software is far more powerful than many people realise and blogs can be used for many purposes. The rest of this sequence covers the basics of blogging in WordPress. Other platforms are similar and so these posts may be useful if you are not using WordPress.

The Post Editor A tour of the Post Editor screen.

The All Posts Page           A tour of the All Posts page.

Organising Blog Posts     This post introduces the power of blog post urls. It goes on to explain the difference between categories and tags.

Using Categories              This about the use of categories and how to create new ones using the Categories page.

Categories in Navigation               This post is about how to integrate Categories into your site navigation.

Using Tags           This explains how to use tags and especially how to choose tags for a post without creating too many similar tags.

Scheduling Posts              Explains how you can schedule posts from the Post Editor or else by using email lists.

How to Insert Media      This explains how to insert media and how to use the media library. Contains helpful comments about the use of Alt Text and copyright.

Using the Text View       Helpful if you know html especially for trouble-shooting.

Writing Blog Posts            Using the three models for blogs I described in the first post mentioned on this page, I explore how to approach writing with a plan, using temporary or permanent posts, for your audience and for search engines.

Making Blog Posts Accessible     This post considers some approaches to making posts more accessible to readers. This includes ways to sequence posts, calendars, cornerstone pages, mindmaps and products.

PDF Files in WordPress  I wrote this as a response to a request for information about handling pdf files in WordPress.

I shall add new posts in this category on request. It may be helpful to have brief accounts of the basics in one place.