When I started this site towards the end of 2013, I had no idea what I meant by "community development online".  So I started the find out using the only method I know; by writing!  In December 2014, over a year later, I paused my blog to consider my next step.

By then I had over 200 posts and divided them into four main themes and several sub-themes.  I had also prepared cornerstone pages on each of these themes.  Cornerstone pages?  Yes, the idea is you can read a summary of each post in a logical order and follow a link to the post if you would like to read more.

So, I have a core body of writing and I fully intend to add to it in the future.  On this page, you will find an introduction to each of the four themes and a note about how the blog will work in the future.  The buttons lead to pages with summaries of each sub-theme.  These in turn lead to detailed cornerstone pages about each sub-theme.  So, you can find material that interests you by following the links or if you know where you're going use the drop-down menus in the navigation.

You can also access the blog directly through the "Categories" feature in the right-hand column.

Click on the tab below to find out more about each of my four main themes.

  • Mutuality
  • Marketing
  • Purpose
  • technique

Many third sector groups have limited resources and so find they have to do things in-house. If they are lucky they may have a volunteer who has some idea about how to set about it. But experience shows this needs to be managed because volunteers move on, perhaps taking important passwords with them, and so can leave a useless site behind them. Even if they stay around they are not always up-to-date with the best approaches to building a website, able to design it to their organisation's purpose or able to share site maintenance with others in their organisation.

Often consultancy is all you need.  You do most of the work in-house; your consultant helps you consider all relevant aspects of the work. So, Technique is about how to work with a consultant as well as the applications to choose and the detail of looking after a site.

On this site, I can help you find the applications you need to work effectively online and highlight the issues you need to consider when you are using online applications.

Local Economy Outcome Consultancy is my trial offer for you.  It is an opportunity to sample a free session.  Follow the link to find out more.


Finally, there is a ragbag of bits and pieces in the fifth category "Miscellaneous".  These don't have cornerstone pages yet but at present they can be accessed through the Categories feature in the right-hand column.

I'm planning to restart the blog during the summer and I shall gradually add to these articles pages as the renewed blog develops.  If you would like to receive notice of new blog posts, the easiest way is to sign up to my email list