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How Does Frequency Inspire Marketing?

We use the word frequency in two ways.  It means going over something over and again, showing up and performing the same act.  It also means something to tune into.  Both meanings are important for marketers.

Consistency and Change

People in your market tune into your message when they hear it many times.  This implies consistency in your message.

At the same time, your offers evolve to meet the needs of your market.  So, some aspects of your business are constant over long periods, while others are responsive to changes in your market as you tune into their needs.

To work out which aspects of your message are unchanging and which change is challenging.

What you do and the reason you do it should be unchanging.  But your understanding of your message evolves.  You consistently point in the same direction but as you move in that direction, your perspective changes.

If you  point consistently in the same direction, you draw people to you who are looking in that direction.  As you get to know those people, you design something that better meets their needs.

Consistency and You

  1. How are you consistent (or inconsistent) in your messages or actions?
  2. How frequently do you put out your message? What are the vehicles you use to do this?
  3. How does frequency affect the way you convey your presence to the world?

Novelty and Empathy

Novelty is important but the place it is important is in the earliest stages of business development.  When you start, you must find your unique message.  This takes time.  Once you have that message, you must not change it.

Have new ideas about how you convey your message but consistency about the message itself is crucial.  This means you must show up online or in real life and deliver the same message over and over.  The only time to contemplate changing the message is if your business is at stake.  Your accountant is the only person who can change your message.

Tuning In

The reason you need to be consistent and frequent is so your market tunes into your message.  It’s like any other message, if you do not take a stand, it is impossible to debate with you.  It is impossible to debate with someone who has nothing to say and so shifts their ground.

Political parties are more successful with a consistent message.  They are all coalitions with a range of viewpoints. Problems set in when there are irreconcilable differences within the party.  However, manifestos change with each election.  The context changes but a party with a consistent message demonstrates it through the changes they make to policy.

Consistency and frequently sharing your message builds trust in your market.  People who like your message are drawn to you.  They need to understand your message and get to know you as a person (or a brand) but in time they get there.

On your part, this requires empathy.  You listen to your market, hear their objections, questions, fears, hopes and then deepen your message in response.

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