Finding a Remarkable Offer

Leaving aside the dubious theology, this song says it all.  You make your mark when you stand out from the crowd, when you are market a remarkable offer.

No-one Cares About Your Vision

Face it, no-one cares about your vision or your business.  So, what do they care about?  Well, first status.  We’re all seeking something to enhance our status; that inspires, sustains, rewards us.

Vision is important; it keeps you going and you seek those willing to work with you on your vision.  But make no mistake, the reason they work with you is to develop their own thing.  It is not your vision per se that inspires, it is your vision’s compatibility with theirs.

This is why being remarkable is so important.  You need to be heard by those seeking what you offer.  And the key to this is being remarkable, they will talk about you; when you make an impact, you are heard by those who need to hear you.

Are You on the Edge?

  1. How can you push what you offer right to edge? How can it become truly remarkable?
  2. Do you offer something that might not work? Knowing this, what would make people try it?
  3. What story do you have that does justice to your remarkable offer?

Don’t Go for Mister In-Between

If you have a market, the chances are you compete with others.  Not everyone looks for the edge that makes their offer worth talking about.  Those who seek a compelling story and dream an offer that gives them win an edge over others in the market.

What works is to offer an experience people want to talk about.  You need to work out how to get a conversation started that generates new insights.  If people reflect on your marketing and receive new insights from it, they become interested in learning more.

Furthermore, the ones who do find new insights from your marketing are likely to be the best clients for you.  The chances are you are on the same wavelength.

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