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Motivation: How to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals

Motivation, the third of five life changing elements follows on from the previous two.  Some coaches provide hope, support self-actualisation and motivate their clients.

What is it?

When you provide hope you help your client build a strategy or design that determines their goals.  Self-actualisation is the means to meet those goals.  Once you know where you’re going and how to get there, motivation makes sure you actually do it.

Shipping is sometimes the hardest challenge business-owners face.  Those attempting other challenges, eg keeping healthy, can face similar challenges.  Shipping is where we actually put something into the world and so subject it to others.

Value for the Client

Motivation is not about getting out of bed in the morning.  Inability to get out of bed and other forms of procrastination are usually related to other fears.  For the business person it is fear of having a treasured idea rejected by the public.

Motivation is a combination if reassurance and accountability.

How to Get There

Reassurance is close examination of fears.  How likely are they to happen?  What steps can you take to prevent them or mitigate their effects?  If they happen, what benefits might they bring?

Accountability is agreeing you will discuss reasons for delays.  Many business owners work for themselves and no-one cares whether they succeed or fail.  Someone who cares and demands explanations can be really helpful.

Your Offer

Fear of shipping is common and severely inhibits business growth.  A coach who holds their clients to account can be valuable but the value of this service may not be immediately clear.

For this reason, motivation can be combined with other elements of value.  There is little value in motivation to do what turns out to be the wrong thing and so, combined with providing hope and self-actualisation, motivation can add to the perceived value of an offer.

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