Your Super Rocking Fun Time Marketing Plan

That got your attention!  Your Marketing Plan is of course deadly serious and the idea that you might have fun with it and actually enjoy marketing is, well – as every fool knows –  a pipedream.  Marketing distracts from your real business, from delivering your service that brings real benefit into the lives of your clients and their clients, friends, families and neighbours.



It is not your product or service that brings these benefits into the world – it is your marketing!  The truth is most of us get marketing completely wrong.  We see it as a chore, a distraction and an utter pain.  Actually, it is your business – your marketing delivers the benefits you offer to the world.

But, fun?  Isn’t it hard work?  Of course it’s hard work!  But look at this way.  If your marketing is not fun, if you do not enjoy it, what are the chances your potential customers will find your offer attractive?  And how long are you going to slog away at it?

Granted you should not appear frivolous.  Most offers need gravitas.  If you offer coaching for the bereaved, your marketing needs to reflect that but it does not mean you can’t enjoy it!  Enjoying your marketing keeps you going, keeps you sane and at some level communicates your offer as genuine.

Genuine marketing is from the heart as much as from the head and as such can be irresistible to your market.


Stay with me through the summer as I introduce you to the principles of marketing as you have never seen them before.  I guarantee, if you read my posts and emails, you will find marketing to be completely different from how you have thought of it before.  They will inspire you and inspiration is a crucial step on the road to success.

So, watch out for my Wednesday posts, where I shall introduce basic principles to help you understand marketing in a new way.

And then on Thursdays a weekly email to people on my list will explore these themes at a deeper level.  They will refer to the blog posts but take the topic in a different direction.  This is where you will find out how to enjoy marketing and harness your inspiration for the benefit of your customers and beyond.

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