Local Economy Events, Spring 2017

Here are the Local Economy Events I’m organising and participating in during the Spring.  If you are local, this will be a useful guide to upcoming events in Sheffield.  If you live elsewhere, they are ideas for activities you can organise yourself.  For more information about them and how we are organising them, simply leave a comment.

Updated 28 April 2017

Success Summit 2017

If you live in travel distance of Sheffield, put this date in your diary!  On 20 May 2017, a small group of businesses is organising a business and personal development event.  We are aiming for 200 people to attend for networking and informative, entertaining speaking.  You will see from the website, I am one of the keynote speakers at the event.

I have tickets and can sell them to you if you’re likely to run into me in Sheffield or else you can book through the website.

Curry Club

The Curry Club is a twice monthly (first and third Thursdays) business network event.  For £10 you get a three course curry, networking with an average of 20 business owners and a keynote talk.  The same group of businesses organises this event, each leading and promoting in turn.

The next meeting of the Curry Club is on 4 May 2017.  As usual there will be a speaker on some business related topic.

If you would like to attend, follow the link to Eventbrite.  This helps the restauranteur prepare the food.  Payment is in cash on the door.  If you can’t make this one, future meetings shall be on Eventbrite.

Telling Stories: Making Business

Telling Stories: Making Business is a twice monthly (second and fourth Thursdays) lunch and learn event I organise for business owners who want to use stories to promote their business.  My aim is to build a dynamic group who will take turns to share a story they use to promote their business.  Over the weeks we shall explore different types of story.

The idea is to take the story apart and put it back together to help the storyteller tell it to its best effects.  We’ll explore how it can be used and possible media to tell it.  Each meeting shall end with an elevator pitch where everyone can say what they have learned during the meeting.

If you would like to meet with a small group who can help you tell your story and use it to promote your business, contact me through the comments.

The fee of £10 includes lunch: burgers, wraps and similar with a drink.

Here is a brief account of the meeting on 13 April 2017:

Speaking Accelerator

I am currently polishing my speaking skills by taking part in the Public Speaking Academy’s Speaking Accelerator course.  There will be a couple of final days where there will be an opportunity to hear short speeches from the participants.  This will be an opportunity to hear some brilliant speeches and see what you could do with training and support.

The meetings are at 6pm on 25 April and 9 May 2017.  I spoke at the first but it is worth hearing the remaining speakers at the second meeting.  I have a few free tickets for the event.  If you would like to attend, leave a comment.  Or check out Eventbrite for more information:  The Accelerator: May 9.

And … Finally …

I shall soon launch my new lead magnet on my website: “Five Proven Steps to be Paid What You Really Deserve: Getting the Most Out of Coaching, Consultancy or Freelancing”.  You can reach it through my Business Success Quiz – a quick and fun way to assess your business viability!  Quizzes are a new way to promote lead magnets because they are, apparently, irresistible!  Do let me know if you manage to resist it!

Check back to this page over the next few weeks as I shall update as and when there is new information.

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