How to draw down donations

How might a charity build relationships online?  The charity’s first priority is to find its market.  It might seek to tell the public about an issue or concern.  Or seek to build relationships with its beneficiaries, perhaps by encouraging them to join online (or real life) mutual support groups.  One significant aim is likely to be fund-raising through donations.

To draw down donations you must build relationships with visitors that make a compelling case.  It is never easy to build a relationship of trust with people you don’t know, possibly all over the world.

A Model Relationship Building Approach

  1. What is the situation?  Why do you need financial help?
  2. What this charity does to address the problem.
  3. What have you achieved?  How many people have you helped?  What difference does the charity make?
  4. Outline work that still needs to be done.
  5. The generous support of people like you makes possible the work of this charity.  Please donate today, every little helps, so please give whatever you can.
  6. Thank you for reading this far and giving us your consideration.

This model shows you how you can structure your pitch for donations.  By using information about your charity, this model can be re-shaped into copy that works.  Follow the link for further posts, where I returned to this model, examined each stage in detail and showed how you can structure your site to best present your case.


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